Priit Kala

Priit has been acting as a legal advisor since 2010. In his professional activities, Priit is specialised in public procurement, especially in the field of defence and security, intellectual property, litigation and corporate law. Priit represents his clients on an ongoing basis in civil and administrative court proceedings.

Before becoming a legal adviser, Priit worked for more than 17 years as a manager, producer and concert organiser in the Estonian and international creative industries. Such extensive experience as an entrepreneur combined with his studies in law have given to Priit a unique life experience and knowledge base. Together, these enable him to give his clients better legal advice and to help them resolve their legal issues effectively and profoundly.

When not engaged in legal work Priit likes to actively contribute to the defence capability of the Republic of Estonia. In his free time, Priit enjoys sports, especially cross-country skiing, as well as walking in nature and reading.


Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish