Virtual assistant

Mari Ääremets

Mari is a versatile and experienced Virtual Assistant with knowledge across a variety of fields and an ever-present sparkle in her eyes. With extensive expertise in the field of law – especially debt law, contract law, employment law and company law, Mari has a keen understanding of how to react to various situations and find optimal solutions. Mari has also been a qualified accountant since 2021 and has completed training as a tax specialist.

Mari is responsible for coordinating support services, where she is always just a phone call or e-mail away. Mari enjoys interacting with people and is adept at solving any problem. She is committed to finding win-win solutions, while being professional and encouraging. Mari's broad-based knowledge of law, accountancy and other fields makes her a reliable virtual assistant.

In her free time, Mari enjoys dancing and reading. Dancing offers her the opportunity to move and express herself creatively, while reading helps Mari expand her knowledge and understand the world better. Mari’s passion for helping people makes her a versatile and professional assistant, who is ready to offer support on a variety of practical issues.

* In accordance with § 40 (3) of the Bar Association Act, the virtual assistant does not provide legal services but assists lawyers.


Estonian, English