Attorney at law

Elise Vasamäe

Elise has been an Attorney at Law since 2010 and is the Founder of Palladium Attorneys at Law. Her main fields of activities include intellectual property law and law of obligations, including contract law, mergers and acquisitions, corporate law, IT law and property law. Elise advises clients on private law in connection with everyday legal issues, transactions, civil court and other disputes. Elise relishes exciting professional challenges and finding solutions to complex legal problems.

Elise has had a special interest in intellectual property law throughout her professional career. In 2014, she defended her doctoral dissertation on copyright at the University of Tartu and was awarded a PhD in law. Elise has also had professional further education at the Institute of Information Law at the University of Amsterdam and in the “Protection of Intellectual Property Rights” multiregional programme in the United States. Since 2007, Elise has been a correspondent for Estonian copyright case law for Kluwer Wolters Law International. In 2012 to 2014, Elise was a member of the Intellectual Property Codification Working Group, which was established by the Estonian Ministry of Justice. Elise has been spent time as a lecturer in copyright at the Institute of Law of the University of Tartu and was a Member of the Committee of Intellectual Property and IT law of the Estonian Bar Association for three years.

Elise is interested in innovative Legal Tech solutions and is a co-author of a website application named Penalty Interest Calculator. In 2016, the Estonian Bar Association awarded Elise the title of “Attorney of the Year” for developing the Penalty Interest Calculator. In 2016, Elise was also awarded the Cross of Merit of the Tallinn Fire Fighting Society for successfully representing a client.

In her free time, Elise enjoys dancing and sitting by an apple tree to generate good ideas.


Estonian, English, German, Finnish